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How it




Our live video streaming solution is simple to use — just plug everything in, press the “live” button, and you’re all set! There is no extra software required, and you don’t even need a computer! You can even go wireless using your WIFI network. 


Securely live stream to your own customized website, not to public sites like YouTube or Facebook, giving you complete control over the live video broadcast. LiveWebView operates independently with no ads or third party software. Your custom website will link to/from your existing site, be branded with your logo and can incorporate elements such as a Google calendar, Twitter feed, etc. The site can also be password-protected for added security. 

Video Streaming Service


Viewers can watch your live video stream on any web-enabled device: computer, tablet or smartphone, without the distractions or possibly inappropriate content of YouTube or other public websites. All they need is your custom live video streaming website address – no need to register or download anything.

Video On Demand Library

Your live video streams are automatically recorded and transferred to a high-speed playback server that makes them available minutes after the end of the broadcast. This allows your audience to view your content at their convenience. You have complete control of your 50GB Video-On-Demand (VOD) library – files can be enabled/disabled, downloaded, labeled and deleted.




With 24/7 customer support, you’ll be in good hands with LiveWebView. Our team of industry professionals can help you engage your audience by keeping them informed and connected.



Our low cost live video streaming solution will fit your budget. We can also show you how to subsidize the cost of your live video streaming service. Please contact us today for more information.



Want to know who’s watching? Analytics will show you who’s viewing your videos, where they are located, how long they tuned in, etc., allowing you to better understand your audience.