6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Closed Circuit System to Live Streaming

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6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Closed Circuit System to Live Streaming

Let’s face it, time is not kind to us (unless you’re George Clooney!) and it’s certainly not kind to electronics in our schools. What used to be start-of-the-art closed circuit systems are now limited and outdated. Don’t invest any more money into an old, dated system.  Step into the the 21st century by upgrading to Live Streaming!

These days most classrooms already have internet connectivity, which makes live streaming an excellent tool for your school. Here are some reasons why…

  1. Since your classroom is already connected to the web, there are no additional cables to run or upgrade.

  2. You can easily live stream in High Definition. Most old coaxial systems are still use Standard Definition system which is only 480×720.

  3. With a portable encoder from LiveWebView, you can now stream live from anywhere on your campus that has a wired or wireless internet connection. Easily live stream from any administrative office or classroom.   This is perfect for morning announcements.

  4. Since streams are automatically recorded on a VOD (video-on-demand) system, any of your classes can access the previously streamed events (morning announcements, awards ceremony, student-run events, etc).

  5. Outside viewers such as parents can easily access the live streams or VOD library from any web-enabled device such as smartphones, tablets, or computers.

  6. It will cost much less to upgrade to a live streaming system than it would to replace the components of your existing closed circuit system.

If you’d like to learn more about a live streaming solution for your schools, give us a call or drop us an email.

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