Conferences & Seminars

Reach a Larger Audience with Live Video Streaming

live stream conferences

With LiveWebView, you can live stream your conference, provide live online seminars, and so much more!  Whether you’re having a conference or seminar for employees, vendors, customers, or students, live video streaming allows you to engage with an audience far beyond just the people in the room.  After a simple equipment set up, you can securely live stream your conference to your own, customized website. Viewers can watch live on any web enabled device — they don’t need to register anywhere or download anything.  All live video streams are automatically saved to your Video On Demand Library for viewing at any time.

How Can I Monetize My Videos?

Since your secure live streaming website can be password protected, you can monetize the event by only providing the password to paid viewers. In addition to offering opportunities for unique interactions with viewers, live streaming your conference or seminar creates new strategies for monetization, including:

  • Charging viewers for access to exclusive live webinars or boot camps
  • Doing paid product reviews
  • Getting sponsorship from other businesses
  • Promoting your products or services
  • Driving traffic to your existing website and converting viewers to buyers
  • Inserting paid advertising throughout the broadcast
  • Syndicating the live stream that you create to other publishers
  • Selling the completed broadcasts to other content providers

Benefits of Live Streaming Conferences with LiveWebView