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Want Your Event Venue to Stand Out?

Looking for ways to make your event venue stand out from the competition? Want a new profit center? Live video streaming is the answer!  Whether you are hosting a business meeting, conference, holiday party, wedding or bar-mitzvah, offering live streaming of the events as part of the package will incentivize clients to use your facility.  You can even charge extra for this service, generating additional revenue for your sales department.

live streaming events
Holiday Parties

LiveWebView offers a complete live streaming solution, including equipment and a secure live streaming website, customized with your logo and linked to your existing website. This allows you and your client to control the content with no third party ads or apps. All videos are automatically recorded for viewing at a later time on-demand. Viewers just need the URL and a web-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. They don’t need to register or download anything to watch. The website can even be password protected to further enhance the privacy of the broadcast.

Live Stream Weddings

live stream wedding

Weddings are a big event and couples want their loved ones to participate in their joy. But it’s not always possible for everyone they want to attend their special day. They may be limited in their budget, or their friends and family may live far away, or theirs may be a destination wedding that not all are able to attend.


Live streaming the wedding is the answer! With live video streaming from LiveWebView, your venue can offer the perfect solution, while creating an additional profit center beyond flowers and catering. Since all live broadcasts are automatically saved to your Video On Demand library, the big event can be watched again at anytime, from anywhere!

Benefits of Event Live Streaming with LiveWebView