Keep your constituents engaged and informed with Live Video Streaming!

Today, government transparency is more important than ever and technology is part of our everyday lives. Add those two together and the benefit of live video streaming is clear. In fact, some cities have passed laws requiring all city councils, agencies, commissions and task forces to live stream their public meetings. But you don’t need a law to realize that live video streaming is the wave of the future.

Constituents of U.S. Senator Cory Gardner Hold “In Absentia” Town Hall

There is no better way to show your constituents and community how government works than by live streaming your meetings. LiveWebView provides a complete live streaming solution, including equipment and a secure live streaming website, customized with your logo and linked to/from your existing website. No ads, and no extra software or apps are needed. All live broadcasts are automatically recorded and saved in your Video-On-Demand Library for later viewing.

Why Live Stream?

Just about everyone has a smartphone, tablet or computer, with access to the internet. It has been reported that the average American spends 10 hours a day online. With technology so present in our everyday lives, it is much more likely that a constituent will communicate via phone or email, rather than physically go to their local government office. People interested in community events will search for these online. Live streaming council meetings, town hall gatherings or other government activities, gives you the opportunity to engage with your constituents even if they are not physically present. With LiveWebView, people can watch live or On Demand at a time and place of their choosing. Viewers just need your secure live streaming web address, an internet connection, and a web-enabled device. They don’t need to register or download any apps. This added convenience will make them more likely to participate than if they physically had to go to the meeting.

What to Live Stream?

  • City Council Meetings
  • Neighborhood Council Meetings
  • County Board Meetings
  • Government Agencies and Commissions Meetings
  • Town Hall Meetings
city council live stream

“Live streaming board meetings is an efficient and inclusive way to encourage

more citizen involvement in the county government process.”


John Barkley,County Administrator of Greene County, VA (The Daily Progress)

“Civic engagement is ever-changing in the digital age. We, as elected leaders, must do all we can to bring the business of the people closer to them so that they stay engaged and active as we implement the change Pascagoula needs.”


Dane Maxwell, Mayor of Pascagoula, MS (The Sun Herald)


“All constituents have a right to be informed about what is going on in their government. We have elderly folks who may not be able to make it out to meetings and we have a workforce with schedules that may not allow them to attend meetings. So live streaming will provide an opportunity for citizens to view the proceedings at their own leisure and on demand.”


Robin Vaughn, Trenton City Councilwoman (The Trentonian)

“We are always looking for new ways to involve the greater community and to inform them of important City decisions. I understand many cannot attend council meetings. So using this technology will bring City Hall to them. Every effort must be made to be transparent and include everyone in the City.”


Andy Medellin, Mayor of Madera, CA (Madera City Website)

Benefits of Live Streaming Meetings with LiveWebView