Why Businesses Need Live Streaming


Why Businesses Need Live Streaming

Marketers are always looking for new ways to reach customers and increase brand awareness. They use social media but in today’s business environment, social media campaigns are not enough. Video content has been growing, influenced by the fact that most people would rather watch a video than read a blog or web page.

However, many business people don’t understand live streaming or how it can apply to them. They believe it’s only for video games, or for large companies. Yes, video games make up a huge portion of live streaming, but just because the platform is very popular for games, doesn’t mean it can’t work well for other content.

Live streaming has been growing by leaps and bounds. By not taking advantage of it, your marketing strategy is missing a key component. Just having a Facebook page or Twitter feed is no longer enough to get your message across. You need a new, inexpensive way to drive revenue to your business. The potential to reach large numbers of new customers with the click of a button is a reality with live streaming.

Here’s why you should care about live streaming and how to start implementing it in your marketing strategy.

Live streaming is experiencing exponential growth

Live streaming already has a large user base and is growing in popularity. In 2016, it was more than a $30 billing industry, even though it was just getting started. It is projected to more than double in growth in the next 5 years to more than $70 billion. Live streaming is not just for millenials. People of all ages are watching and creating live streaming content:


Live streaming creates active engagement

Gone are the days when people just want to look at still pictures. Ever since the early days of YouTube, people have wanted to watch video content. The next logical step is live video, which is slowly surpassing pre-recorded videos in terms of hours watched. People are watching live streams because:

– it helps them stay informed on the latest news, events, trends, etc.

– it helps them stay connected to brands they like and introduces them to new brands

Live streaming is the new wave of digital communication, content promotion and content consumption.  As we said above, it’s projected to be a $70 billion industry in the next few years. With such unprecedented growth, you don’t want to be left behind.

The best part is, it’s easy to get started! LiveWebView offers a simple, secure, affordable way to start live streaming today. Just connect a few components, press “live” and you’re streaming. Nothing to download, no third party apps, no ads, no problem — you don’t even need a computer! Stream via ethernet or WiFi to your own customized website, not to a public platform like YouTube or Facebook, allowing you to control your content. Viewers just need your web address — no need to register or download anything. It could not be simpler to incorporate live streaming into your business.

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