Why Us

Advantages of a LiveWebView System


Our low cost streaming platform will fit your budget. Contact us to learn how you can subsidize the cost.


After an easy installation, there is no extra software required, nothing to download, no registration needed.  You don’t even need a computer!  You can stream either wired or wireless (WiFi).


Want to know how many people are watching? Where they are? How long they stay tuned? All those answers and more are available with the included analytics.


Live streaming to your own website gives you complete control over the broadcast. No extra software, no ads, no inappropriate content popping up. All videos are automatically archived to share with viewers at their convenience.


Stream to your own custom website, not to public sites like Facebook or You Tube. LiveWebView operates independently with no third party software or ads, so there’s no risk of inappropriate content popping up during your live stream. You can even password protect your live streaming homepage for added security.


Viewers can watch your broadcast on any web-enabled device with a browser: tablets, computers and smartphones. They don’t need to register or download anything. All they need is your live streaming web address.


We will create a live streaming website just for you, customized with your logo and linked to your existing website. We can also add external elements like a Google calendar, Twitter feed, etc.


Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your goal to keep your audience connected.

Video On Demand

All videos are automatically saved into your 50 Gb Video On Demand (VOD) library. This allows viewers who are not available during the live broadcast to watch from anywhere at anytime.  You have complete control over your archive – files can be enabled/disabled, downloaded, labeled and deleted.

Sample Set-Ups

Our “Single Camera” set up is as easy as it gets:

  1. Mount the HD camera on a tripod and connect the HDMI cable between the camera and the streaming device.

  2. Connect the streaming device to an internet connection via an ethernet cable (Cat 5) or WIFI .

  3. Press the “Live” button on the streaming device. That’s it!  You’re now streaming live to your own website.

  4. Easily connect peripherals such as a mic and headset for enhanced quality and monitoring.

LiveWebView‘s production set-up is pre-configured. which enables you to get  up and running quickly, with great results. Our Customer Support team is always available to answer any questions you may have. If you already have some equipment on hand, we can design a system utilizing your existing gear to easily go “live”.  Contact us today and you’ll be live streaming in no time!


Multi Camera Configuration

Our 2 or 3 camera configuration allows up to 4 Video and 8 Audio inputs. Need more? No problem!  Contact us and we’ll design a system for you.

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